10 Gorgeous Low Water Plants

Lovely in Any Climate
a field of blooming purple lavender with the sun on the horizon

Even gardens that get low rainfall can support beautiful flowering plants. Here are some gorgeous bloomers that can thrive in almost any climate.

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1. Echinacea (Coneflower)
Bold colored petals bloom downward with its dark round centre pointed up.

Echinacea or “Coneflower” is one of the most photographic perennials you can find. Beloved by bees and pollinators, its bold-colored petals bloom downward, like it’s extending its head to fly. This plant has low water needs, plus its leaves and buds can be harvested to make a medicinal tea.

2. Yarrow
fern-like stems produce textured bold-colored blooms at the top

The common yarrow is a hard-working native perennial that can withstand a variety of extremes, including drought, high heat, and poor soil. Fern-like stems will bush out at the end of spring with long-lasting mid-summer blooms in deep reds, pinks, yellows, and even a striking white. Great for attracting pollinators while adding color and texture.

3. Hens and Chicks
Rubbery rosette-shaped groundcover come in many different colors and textures

These drought-resistant, rubbery rosettes come in many different colors and textures and can be planted as indoor or outdoor plants. Sempervivum and echeveria are the most common varieties that add a unique texture to any garden. This groundcover will change color depending on the weather.

4. Stonecrop / Sedum
This "Autumn Joy" stonecrop has grown into a large, rubbery bush with rosy-pink blooms on top

There are many plants in the “Sedum” or Stonecrop family, and any of them will thrive in drought conditions, and full sun. Like hens and chicks or other succulents, they contrast well against rocks and stones. Varieties like “Autumn Joy” will grow into a tall bush with rosy-pink flowers on top.

5. Yucca
A round desert plant with spiky, sword-shaped green leaves

These desert plants do excellent in xeriscape gardens that are rocky and dry. They need very little water and thrive in full sun, but will tolerate part shade, as well. These tough plants are used architecturally in gardens for their spiky, sword-like shape that holds strong in hot climates.

6. Blue Fescue Grass
Small clumping ornamental grass with soft silvery blue strands

Adding some ornamental grass can give much-needed texture and color to your garden, and the blue fescue adds just that. The icy blue strands are soft, but firm and grow in compact, round clumps. This low-maintenance plant can withstand drought conditions and prefers full sun.

7. Russian Sage
Tall silvery purple flowers stand on top of pale green stems

Russian sage boasts tall stalks with thin purple blooms that creates a magical display of pale green and purple, often mistaken for lavender. Great for attracting pollinators and adding some height to any garden, Russian Sage prefers dry, well-draining soil. Move your hands up through the stems for a calming, floral scent.

8. Dianthus
Tiny serrated pastel flowers on bold green stems

These gorgeous little plants have tiny, beautiful flowers with serrated petals that come in a variety of pastels, hence their nickname “pinks”. Often sold as an annual, they also come in perennial varieties. They don’t need a ton of water, and grow beautifully along rock gardens, and in borders.

9. Creeping Thyme
groundcover herb with tiny flowers that spreads through rocks and gardens

This slow-spreading groundcover herb is great at filling in spaces along stones and pathways, in between perennials, or cascading over rock gardens. Low-maintenance and drought-tolerant makes this little spreader a must-have in gardens. Different varieties will have tiny pink, white, or yellow flowers, emit lovely scents, and may be used in cooking.

10. Lavender
bright lavender blossoms in a blooming field

Lavender is a meadow plant that will spread along a garden beautifully when planted in full sun with good airflow. It does not like moist conditions, and will rarely need extra watering. Great at attracting pollinators, as well. 

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